On losing things…

While many people took time out on Labor Day weekend to relax and travel, I felt like I spent all weekend losing things and looking for them. It is a feeling I hate. It is also one that I have been feeling more often lately since my list of “people’s stuff that I am responsible for” now includes: mine, 30 fourth graders’, my husband’s, my daughter’s, and my son’s. I know that there are people out there with bigger families who seem to cope just fine with keeping track of large amounts of schtuff, but I seem to be struggling with this lately to the point where I feel like the only thing I have really lost is my mind.

This weekend I lost my two-year old’s binky, my school keys, a student’s test (only later to realize she hadn’t even taken the test yet), and a Daniel Tiger toy. More on that one in a minute.

I try so hard to stay organized. And usually I feel like I am pretty good at it. I may not be the tidiest person, but I try to keep things categorized, labeled, and in one place. And yet, here I am losing everything. The thing is that it becomes harder to stay organized when the people around you don’t abide by your rules of organizing. I don’t like to throw my husband under the bus, or husbands in general, but men do seem to have a harder time with this. Or at least mine does. It is always, “where is that?” and “Have you seen this thing?” And my response is usually, “yes, when had it, it was here, but what you did with it after you had it, who knows?” Then there is the two-year old who is constantly moving her things from room to room as she whirlwinds all over the house. So no wonder I can’t find anything.

Now for that tigey story. Poor Daniel Tiger and his sister, Margaret, are now motherless. It isn’t what Fred Rogers would have wanted for them, but it is what happened. It may have been fated to happen considering someone decided to make these play figures – which are  labeled as toddler toys – the size of a small egg, and then some dope (read ME) decided to actually buy them. They had actually been motherless for a while, but then, miraculously I FOUND the mom after four days of endlessly hearing Charlotte saying in her whiniest voice, “tigey. mommy tigey is?” It was behind Charlotte’s bed, obviously.  Sadly, just an hour or so later, Mommy Tiger decided to venture off to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park never to return. The rumors are that she absconded with a different tiger family because Daniel was just driving her nuts about that darn trolley. Well, whatever the story is, she’s gone. Forever. Now Daniel’s dad is living that #postmodernlife and raising two kids on his own, which, to add more drama to the tale, will be significantly harder now that he basically has only one arm. Single dad and now possible amputee: that tigey life be hard.

For now, I am just trying to keep some semblance of sanity. I am working on training Charlotte to put her pacifier in the same place when it isn’t in her mouth. I also found my school keys – they were *cough* in my purse – and for now we aren’t buying any more sweater-wearing, trolley-loving jungle animals. How do you keep your family organized?



The now motherless Tiger family. Note the dad’s arm. It looks okay here, but it is hanging on a tiny hinge.



2 thoughts on “On losing things…

  1. Poor Char’s motherless tigey family. Hopefully that other tigey family that finds mama at the RR park will allow her the honor of joining their family.


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