Things I love

Pardon me while I indulge in posting all about random things that I love right now. These are just little things that are currently making me happy.

So I am not really a make-up person. What I wear is pretty minimal. I am also trying to find more natural beauty products since most of the time I can’t read most of what is in the products I use everyday. So right now, I am LOVING this lip sheer. It is a little pricey compared to what I am used to paying, but it is so soft and hydrating. And did I mention it smells and tastes a little bit like vanilla? What’s not to love? I bought the twig color, but plan on getting more. (I will also mention that I do not work for this company at all).

As a teacher and a mother of two, I often feel tired. These vitamins and these energy packets have been getting me through many days. After taking USANA vitamins for a while, I really feel more tired on the days that I forget to take them. They are more expensive than buying vitamins in the store, but the effects are quite more pronounced.

Okay, so by now it looks like I make a million bucks and spend it all on vitamins and lipstick. I don’t, but have found that I would rather spend a little more on products that are of better quality than to spend less money more often on products that aren’t as good. So on that note, I also splurged this week and bought these boots. I have been oogling them for a while and have spent two years looking for a pair of ankle boots that I love. They are worth it, and right now they are 30% off, and if you are a teacher or a student you get an extra %15.

I swear I do live on a modest teacher’s salary, but teaching’s hard and those that teach deserve a treat every now and then.

I just finished this book. It was beautiful. It will be re-read.

Dean and I have also started this podcast. We listened to the first season, and it was great.

For a busy parent who rarely gets to sleep in, this clock is everything. I can set it to change color at a certain time so that Charlotte knows when she can get out of bed. Now granted the baby isn’t trained on this yet, but it means that this mommy now has a chance at an extra hour… twenty minutes?…. fine, ten minutes in bed. Don’t even get me started on what daddy is doing during all of this. (Hint: it doesn’t involve getting out of bed).

Also, this. I wish these kids were my friends. Or my kids. Hilarious.

And since my baby is going on half a year it is time to go back and look at (read: obsess over) how little he once was. So I leave you with some of my favorite tiny Britton pictures, and the giant baby he has become.






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