The number one thing I miss about living in Phoenix is fall. Fall is by far my favorite season: the crunch of the leaves, the crispness of the air, and the added flourish of colors all stir my heart. And they don’t exist in Arizona. Don’t even get me started on the disappointing feeling it is to attempt to have soup, cider, or that famous pumpkin spice latte while it is still a high of almost 90 degrees in Phoenix. In Phoenix these items are not consumed in October because the weather dictates it be so; they are consumed in order to try and will the weather to be “fall” already.

img_3675So in order to get my heart’s fill of this season while I’m here, we ventured off to the Royal Oaks Farm Orchard. Even though the day started off a little cloudy and rainy, by this afternoon it was that perfect autumnal day – breezy, cool, but sunny.


Britton always hams it up for the camera.


Farmer Charlotte with her doll-like curls. Stay like this for always.


Okay, just kidding. Grow up and stop being an uncooperative toddler! These toddler years make you feel bipolar – you love them one moment and wish your life would end the next.

It was freeing to waltz around green pastures – oak trees overhead, leaves rustling all around. Charlotte loved touching all the bumpy gourds and pumpkins, although the verdict is out on hand-feeding the goats. Britton was content to just be carried and feel the breeze over his bald head. Many apple cider donuts were consumed by all.



Apples for days. We cheated and didn’t actually pick these ourselves.

And for your viewing pleasure, I leave you with this.


You’re welcome.


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