Mostly just a photo dump

Life as a teacher can be crazy. Life as teacher who has two small children is even crazier. Life as a teacher who is a perfectionist and tries to have everything done weeks ahead of time is the craziest. Fall break was great. Spending time playing with my kids and spending time with my family and my husband’s family was so wonderful, but my teacher mind never stops. To add to this, traveling is hard for me. Not because of the packing or  even the anxiety of getting on an airplane with two small children and hoping that everyone on the plane doesn’t judge you for the way that your two year old is shouting, while you try to smile and sort of mutter about how they are really just tired and aren’t usually like this…. yeah. No it is hard because it is so many unproductive hours for me. See, I get motion sick. This means no reading, typing, or even skimming through magazines while in a moving vehicle lest I end up feeling nauseous for hours. I usually just sleep on a plane or in a car, but even that is more difficult now that those two small minions that I love are constantly needing SOMETHING. Food. Binkies. Smiles. More food.

So I was left doing hours and hours of work on Sunday trying to catch up on all the things I felt HAD to be done in preparation for Monday. Grading, lesson planning, evaling, learning all about historical things of which I feel I know nothing. This is how I often spend my weekends. That is why I have been absent from these pages for so many days. But I’m back. Well, I mean I still have a list of things to do that rivals the number of emails Hillary deleted (I guess that’s one way to get out of responsibility and work…), but for right now I am just missing being back with the people I love, and getting to see them play with my loves. So the rest of this post is just going to a large photo homage to the week of Fall break where I stopped being a teacher for a little bit and just enjoyed being a mom.

So people, I leave you with the photodump of pumpkins, goats, family, and corn. Lots of corn. In fact, the most amazing corn pool/box/ring that I have ever encountered. Oh, and also the two cutest littles that you have ever laid your eyes on. nbd.

Sometimes this is what the car ride looked like. It was rarely, however, the first two pictures at the same time. It was often the latter two pictures. I simply consoled myself by saying, “Well, at least he’s cute.”

dsc00574Mandatory carnival cut-out family pic. Gots to do it.

dsc00572This was basically Charlotte’s first amusement ride. She looks a little hesitant here, but don’t be fooled…she was ecstatic.

Goats, cows, llama, water buffalo, zebu (what’s a zebu?) lions, tigers, bears..oh my!

img_3747So this was just a giant “box” of corn. Like a huge, freaking litter box of corn kernels. It was everything.

dsc00601Why yes, this is Charlotte dog piling on top of a small boy. And no, we did not stop her. Okay, once the kid starting cyring we did. Girl’s got to hold her own, ya hear.

dsc00583dsc00589dsc00592How many pictures of this boy do I have? A million. Who wouldn’t? How many pictures of them did I take in these luscious mustardy-colored fall gorgeousness of corn kernels? A million. How many will I post? I’ll save you and just post these last three.

img_3780Big chair, little baby. Nuf said.

img_3738This girl is too cool for me.

img_3799Charlotte got so tired of being asked to take pictures that she would just scrunch her face and say “CHEESE” really quickly and then try to get down and run away. Which seems a good way to end this post…. CHEEEEEESE….. *skitters away*




One thought on “Mostly just a photo dump

  1. Loved Bengstens Pumpkin Farm. Especially going with the Fletching Little Family. Sorry Natty cakes was sick though. She and Charley would have had so much fun in that corn. Maybe then Char wouldn’t have felt the urge to tackle a boy.


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