Mr. Hanky: The Christmas (poo) Story

No. Sorry to disappoint. This isn’t actually about that famous singing poop from South Park. It just an update about the poop we’ve sung over on our best days or been wearing as a literal eau de toilette on our worst. Also never in my life did I think I would be writing one, let alone two blog posts on dropping doo-doos. I promise more goes on in my life.

If you aren’t caught up on the situation we are/were in, you can read all about that here. Yeah I’d start there.

Britton: His situation is in many ways, unchanged. We have played around with giving him one larger dose of the medicine or two small doses. We even went off the medicine for a few days, which definitely seemed to be worse. The medicine seems to be helping. Sometimes. Although now our problem is that when he DOES go, it’s uhm, welll….is projectile enough of a description? Yeah what went in as a liquid is definitely coming out the same way. So…I guess that’s better than it was before? So now, my already heavy laundry load is even heavier than it was before. And that is only because after coming across videos like this on Facebook, I force myself to clean those especially bad “poop shot up the whole back” clothing items instead of throwing them away like so much of me wants to. And in between all of that, I also spent almost a week playing phone tag with the GI doctor and his team trying to get them to give me some helpful next steps. Teaching is not the business you want to be in if you need to make or receive phone calls at a moment’s notice. img_4058

Charlotte: You know those “I am woman. Hear me Roar” ad campaigns and slogans? Well, Charlotte is like the keynote speaker of their rallies. When the girl decides to do something…watch out world. It took about 4 days of coaxing using the Elsa nightgown we picked up for a buck as bait. And the game was on. She was not allowed to wear her Elsa pajamas or any of her others dresses if she went number 2 in her pants. And she did get them all taken away for about two days, but then that dress became too precious to not wear anymore and voila! But then we had to deal with the unintended consequence of her not taking off that dress for like a week straight. Yeah, I became that parent that let my kid go places in their pajamas. I’m not ashamed. She now gets things all set up by herself: stool, potty seat on the toilet, book. The girl knows how to do it. Too well now. She is playing us. You see, we also offered something potentially more desirable than her Elsa dress; we offered candy. So now the girl HOLDS IT and goes poop in the tiniest of increments in order to get as many candies as possible. Today, I had to stop it at about 4 candies, and we had to up the ante to getting candy for only big poo-poos.


So that’s where we are now. Not quite so far down in the trenches as we were before. Climbing on out of the hole- no pun intended- is my hope.


See, we do do other things. Pun intended there.

Merry Christmas.



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