A Look Back at Christmas: A Gift Guide

Gift guides are usually most helpful right BEFORE Christmas, but sometimes what I thought would be doted upon or well-used is, instead, tossed to the side three seconds after it is opened. For this reason, I thought I would share some of the gifts we received that I thought were really worth it.

I will also preface this by saying that I have a thing for wooden toys. They are usually more durable than plastic, they rarely light up or make hideous noises, and they are generally more aesthetically pleasing than plastic toys – a seemingly trivial but highly important characteristic if you live in small house where your living room IS your playroom.

  1. Moulin Roty Doctor Valise (that’s French for “traveling case”) – this is such a cute set! Charlotte loves to play doctor (we practiced a lot before she went for her one year appointment where she got shots), so I wanted to get her a set of her own to pretend with at home. The plastic sets often have dozens of pieces. This one has about 6, so you are less likely to lose one. [side note: I say LESS likely to lose them. There is a syringe that goes with the set that I couldn’t find at the time of taking these pictures. Don’t worry, it has since been found]. The box that houses these adorable items, it also itself ADORABLE. I grabbed ours from Anthropologie on Black Friday for 30% off, but I don’t know if they still carry it. img_4354img_4352img_4347
  2.  Melissa and Doug Road Trip Wooden Car with People – If you haven’t heard of Melissa and Doug products, you are missing out! They have really cute sets for all ages, and a lot of their toys are wooden, well-made and even handcrafted. These people are neutral enough (and come with a car!) that both girls and boys could play with them. They have been zooming all over our house since Christmas.img_4364img_4365
  3. Wooden Blocks – These also happen to be Melissa and Doug brand, but there are others out there as well. I think blocks are such an important toy for kids because they teach fine motor skills, logically reasoning, imaginative play, visual-spatial reasoning, and so much more. Can anyone say #futureengineer?img_4358
  4.  Personalized fork and spoon set – Someone first gave me a set of these for Britton when I was pregnant, and then Charlotte wanted them so badly that I had to hide them. So I decided to get her her own set for Christmas. And then…she would not part with them. No seriously, the girl took them to bed with her to sleep with. It gives a whole new meaning to “spooning”…. Anyway, they make a great birthday, Christmas, or baby gift because they are one of those items that eventually becomes an heirloom. I got the kids different styles so they could tell theirs apart.img_4373img_4376
  5. Jord Wooden Watch – This is for the mommy’s and daddy’s out there. We gots to have some nice things too! Or as Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec would say, “Treat yo’self.” And this watch is definitely a treat. Just feast your eyes.  [Side note: I have Hannah to thank for first posting about this watch. So thank you Hannah; I have been drooling over them ever since.]img_4346img_4357img_4345

What were your best gifts from this Christmas (or from Christmas pasts)?



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