Stay At Home Adventures

Friday brought the last day of school, and with that came my last day of teaching….ever. Okay, probably not ever. But it feels like that right now. Right now the full implications of our decision to have me stay home haven’t really hit me. I feel it at moments, but right now it just feels like summer break as usual.

But this summer break is different because it won’t end for me. There won’t be any prepping for classes, readying my classroom, buying new school supplies, and smelling all the new school books (wait? what? I don’t do that…) this fall. And I don’t know how I feel about that yet. Some moments this feels so sad. I love teaching, and I feel like most days I’m good at it. But with a third baby on the way, staying home with our own children feels like the right decision right now. They need me.

So this is a time that I simultaneously feel full of fear, but also of excitement over the potential of what this life brings, a life I have literally never lived. I have been in school (taking classes or teaching them) since I was 5. That’s the only world I know.

So this is untrodden ground for me. I know I know I’ll need help. That’s why we are moving closer to our family. But I also need help from all my friends. Don’t forget me. Don’t stop messaging me and contacting me just because I’ll be far away. I need you for your love and support and for the normalcy I will seek when day and day of small children starts to make me feel insane.

And since I am a type A personality, constantly consumed with lists and tasks, I of course have oodles of ideas of what I am going to do with all my time (you know, in between diaper changes, trips to the parks and finding new play-group friends). Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW that staying home with children is time and energy consuming, but living a dual-life as teacher and mom/wife has had my head spinning for a while now, so just doing one seems gads easier. Here are a few things I am thinking of tackling while at home (besides actually getting laundry and dishes done in a timely manner):

  • Reading: I have so little time to read just for pleasure while I am teaching that I can’t wait to get back into the wonderful worlds that those pages bring. I’m also hoping that this will ignite the creative person that I know lives inside me, and will bring on some ideas for a book of my own.
  • Baking: I am going to be honest – baking scares me. Mostly because of *shudders* chemistry. Perhaps blame it on my scary chem teacher in high school, but the chemical precision baking takes is overwhelming. But I am planning on tackling that beast and learning how to make breads, and pastries. Or maybe I’ll just keep the Great British Baking Show on repeat and trick myself into thinking I’ll be a baker one day too.
  • Cooking: I am separating this from baking because I actually CAN cook already (although Dean hasn’t seen my amazing skills in quite a while). But I want to learn some new recipes and learn how to make more things myself and buy less of them (like making our own hummus and a good spaghetti sauce from scratch). What are some other things that should be list of things to make? Favorite recipes you have?
  • Knitting/Crocheting: I did know how to crochet at one point, but it is something I haven’t done in years. I would like to revive this little crafty art (or learn a new one).
  • Learning the Uke:  Having played the piano when I was younger, I know the value of learning an instrument. I would love to have some music time with the kiddos each day, and have them grow in their appreciation for making their own music. We don’t have a piano, and my child-sized hands cannot reach the cords on a guitar, so learning to play the Ukulele seems like a good compromise.
  • Finding some good podcasts:  I think this will help me feel like I am still growing intellectually and that I’m still connected to the outside world and to the Word. I want to avoid having the TV as much as possible, but I know that mommy will need more to listen to than three small people whining at her feet. What are some podcasts you swear by?


  • Staying Connected:  like for realz. Not only will I be livin’ that glam SAHM life where my life is sure to dwindle into the small box that will be our home, but we are also moving 1800 miles away. I love the people I met here in Arizona, and I want to do my best to stay connected to them through means other than social media. I want to spend time each week writing a few snail-mail notes to friends I have all over the country.

Stay-at-Home friends, what else should I look forward to or put on my list of things to do to keep me sane? Give me all your wisdom.IMG_5288


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