This Old House

We found a place to live! We are more than excited to finally have a place that we like down in Bloomington/Normal, IL. For those of you who have NO idea where that is, you are not alone. You can find it here.

After looking at townhouse and regular houses, some that had too few bathrooms, some that had no yard (a major thing I missed about living in the Mid-West), some that were at the top of our price point, we finally found something we think will work for us for time. Our goal is to rent for just a few more years and be saving up to buy a house in that time frame. This will give us time to figure our where we want to live and the schools we want our children to attend.

So here some pictures of the place:


Now moving on in….

I love the hardwood floors, which are original (the house was built in 1904). There are also nice architectural features like the built in cabinets and the beams in the dining room. The rooms are a little dark for my taste, so we are going to brighten them up with some fresh white paint and some flowy white curtains.

Living Room:



Dining Room:

How can you not love the French doors, and set in ceiling and that window seat? It just needs a soft cushion and some pillows, and you will be able to find me there any day of the week.


The owners are replacing the countertops in the kitchen. There is also no dishwasher, which is a bummer since I got used to less hand washing while living out here, but the built-ins are nice.



This downstairs room will be used a a playroom for the kids because it is the only room on the first floor. It will also be given some lovely white paint. There is a bathroom downstairs as well.



Moving upstairs now…..

There are three bedrooms upstairs as well as a half-bath.



I will have to learn how to live with stairs again. 


This is the room we will use as the Master


A look from within the room


The kiddos will get their own rooms for a little while at least. The baby will sleep in a bassinet in our room while it is little. During that time Britton and Charlotte will get to have separate rooms, then I think we will try to combine them into one room and keep the smaller room as a nursery.

This is the larger room that will be Charlotte’s:


This is the smaller room that will be Britton’s: 9b8a5ed9b912cd6e29ca38b1051b7d3cl-m18r


Overall, there are lots of things we love about the house and many that are not our ideal, but we are going to make the house work for us for a couple of years until we are ready to buy something else.

Now for the fun part….. DECORATING!


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