My husband and I are Chicago natives living in the desert. Phoenix has been my home for the last six years, and it is a bit of a love-hate relationship, as in I hate the summers and love every other part of the year.

We have a daughter who recently turned two, but who might as well be a teenager with all her opinions and moodiness. She has a baby brother named Britton, who somehow still unconditionally loves and adores her despite the number of times he has been accidentally kicked and purposely squished.

While we are on the subjects of things we have, we also have a cat. Penny is a true cat in the sense that she loves a small number of people and hates everyone else. She shows her love for us by leaving geckos (read parts of geckos) at our door, and displays her hatred for every other human by pretending to love them and then batting and hissing at them every time they walk by. Cats.

I am also a teacher of 4th graders, which is great because I basically just get to read kid’s books and talk about the awesome beauty of the world all day. It also means that sometimes I am a magician, police officer, singer, entertainer, and definitely a juggler (not literally, but who knows, maybe one day?)

This blog is kind of about all those things (well, hopefully not too much about that darn cat!) because I am all those things and more. I am a dancer, reader, ditty writer, plant killer (still working on that), and Disney-anything lover.

I am not perfect, although I try to be. So this blog won’t be about how great and perfect my life is because it just isn’t. I fail, have bad hair days, and mismatch my socks sometimes -that is when I actually put socks on. Right now many times I leave the house with spit-up somewhere on my person or clothing and random toys in every bag. But there is beauty in those things as well. My life is nothing special, but the fact that we are here and can share these moments with each other is. These are just tiny bits of the beauty in my life laid here and sent forth until they magically make their way to yours.